Free Public Speaking Lesson
Free Public Speaking Lesson Grant Your Children:
Build self confidence and self esteem
Crisply articulate their points in a methodological fashion
Enjoy delivering speeches and presentations with ease
Create world class speeches and presentations with a proper introduction, body and conclusion
Develop strong eye contact, poise and articulation
Obtain valuable interpersonal skills
Think critically and creatively in challenging situations

Why ebright public speaking?

Play-based Learning!

It's never a boring day with us! Our team takes much care to make sure that our programmes are always engaging, exciting and above all - never dull. We believe a relaxed and fun learning environment has a large positive impact on how children can grow and develop their skills.

Trinity College London!

We follow the assessments and syllabus of Trinity College London, which is widely known for their elaborated international examinations that focuses on children and teenagers. Our workbooks are aligned with the activities inside real Trinity College London exams. We will also encourage our students to participate in this examination.


Every quarter, we will always strive to hold a big showcase or competition in order for our students to practice what they have been learning in classes. In these events, we encourage all our students as well as non-students to join as to challenge themselves and put their techniques into practice!
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